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STEM Highlights

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2014 Science Fair
Students participated in the annual Science Fair on Thursday, January 23rd. Students in Grades 4-8 were required to complete individual ... read more

Reality Fair
On Tuesday, May 28th, we held an academic exercise called a “reality fair” organized by teacher Misty Nordstrom and sponsored ... read more

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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)


There has been a nation-wide push for schools to begin the adoption of incorporating STEM into the classroom. At Saint Joseph School, we recognize the value of engaging students, even while very young, in stimulating and challenging curriculum. While all of our teachers continue to offer hands-on investigation and inquiry-based learning opportunities, SJS is in the unique position to enhance that learning by offering extended learning opportunities directed by our full-time STEM Coordinator, Mrs.Cissy Watson.

By leveraging this early opportunity to strengthen the areas of weaknesses from grades PS-8, our students gain a valuable edge when they enter high school and beyond. It is also our goal to help increase interest and confidence among students, and expose them to career fields related to STEM, since that is where many of our future jobs will be, and already are.

By having a full-time STEM specialist, we are able to take an integrated approach across grades and conduct lessons simply not possible with a typical teaching schedule. Our STEM Coordinator visits each classroom at the beginning of each week and shares one common topic from grades PS-8 with each class. The information is adjusted and adapted to fit the particular grade level, built upon during the week, and allows for conversation between grade levels, especially for families with siblings.

Here is a list of some of the exploration labs and activities we have completed:
Orange Float : Exploring density, mass, volume, and buoyancy
Quicksand : Exploring the states of matter and their properties, & viscosity
Tornadoes : What are the required ingredients for a tornado; Tornado Alley
Calculator Investigation : What are perfect squares and how are they related to square roots?
Chromatography : What are the colors of the visible light spectrum?
Periodic Table : What is an element and how is the periodic table organized?